Thursday, March 12, 2015

Frozen Sequel Coming Soon!

Well we all saw this coming and Disney has finally made it official that Frozen, the animated musical feature that smashed box office records will return in the near future. A heartwarming story about two sisters, Elsa and Anna that reignited Disney Animated Studios is coming back and fans have rejoiced. No word yet on an official title or when the film will be released but even if it were to come out next month, it still would be too long a wait. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Disney is able to get all the original cast members and songwriters back on board considering the phenomenal success of the first movie. A movie that most were considering to be a in and out movie from Disney Animated Studios.

When it comes to Disney, they bought animation icon Pixar for a reason and that reason is they’re the top of the mark when it comes to animation. Disney Animated Studios on the other hand however has been known for its failures such as Mars needs Moms and its movies that have left theaters as soon as they arrived such as Planes. Frozen is the first movie to break the barrier costing the studio only 150 million to make and at the end grossing a worldwide income of 1.3 billion. Since its release in 2013, the franchise continues to bring in revenue for Disney through video sales, streaming, merchandising and the soon to come Broadway musical.

Frozen is a musical focusing on Elsa who has the power to freeze anything but like getting bit by a spider at a young age, an incident happens that makes her afraid to use her powers. During the years trying to spend years containing her powers, her sister Anna tries to enjoy life while her sister hides in fear. When Elsa’s powers start to overcome her, Anna struggles to help her sister find a way and their village that suffers the side effects of Elsa’s powers. Along the way, the cast is introduce to a list of loveable characters included the much beloved Olaf, the living snowman. If you haven’t seen it then please do because it’s very entertaining and unique.

The film is unique because it stands alone in one aspect. It’s the only Disney film where there’s a Disney princess and yet no male-lead to come in to save the day. Unlike most Disney films involving a princess, there’s usually a male lead in the form of a prince or a thief but in this film the only support Elsa gets is from her sibling. The reason for this is because the ultimate cure for Elsa’s fear of her powers is love and there is no greater love than the love from your family. That’s what makes this film unique because it promotes the importance of family more than anything else.

Whether Elsa will be the main character in this film or not, I’m not sure but I really wouldn’t bet on it. If I had to guess, this film will most likely focus on Anna now since there was much going on with her in the last film. She and Kristoff are hitting it off real well and since the last film was mostly focused on Elsa, it should only be fair that Anna is the main character. Time will only tell but no matter what the sequel is about there will be fans lined up out the door and most likely around the building for this film. All I can say is that I will feel real sorry for whoever is working in the movie theaters when this film is released.

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