Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The X-Files Returns!

The X-Files are coming back! The classic sci-fi show that dominated the rating in the 90s is making a return with Fox ordering a six episode launch. A show that launched the careers of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson also known as agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. With a terrific story line and unique direction, X-Files became an instant must watch every night kind of show. For people who love mysteries, aliens or both then this was your show back in the 90s. Much like Star Trek it wasn’t received at first but after the word got out, the fans started to become addicted. If you haven’t watched an episode then you can catch it on Netflix, you have nine seasons to catch up on.

Nine seasons of Mulder and Scully tracking down alien conspiracies and following up leads that helps Mulder come to the conclusion that not only do aliens exist but they live amongst us. Not only are they living amongst us but have been long before and it’s up to the famous duo to track them down. A show that spawned two movies in 90s and 2008, a gap so big that it proves people still want to believe in extraterrestrials. If you can count on one thing with this act by Fox, it’s going to be the last chance to revive the show that fans have been asking for. For me, I’m just excited because I get a chance to see Scully and Mulder together again because their chemistry was off the charts.

Like Tony and Ziva on the hit show NCIS, Mulder and Scully had the perfect relationship with Mulder being the believer and Scully thinking he’s crazy. Throughout the series, these two came together like the opposite ends of magnets but just when you think something will happen, one of them pulls away. These two were a fantastic match and what’s a real kick to the stomach is fans waited forever for them to hook up. They ended up having a baby together near the end of the run and while circumstances arose on how Scully got pregnant, most believed that Mulder fathered the child though the creators denied the claim. Whether or not it is true, you can’t deny that the fire burning between them was so intense that you could melt tank armor with it and make a sculpture with it.

It’s the biggest tease in television history so will they finally make a move on each other when the show comes back? I highly doubt it but regardless, it will bring back good memories to see them together again and hopefully won’t be for only six episodes. It’s a new time where countless of important events have happened since the show ended so there’s a lot of material they can use. For this show to be successful, it’s going to need more than the famous eerie opening theme music and dark tone that the show always set. We’ll have to see what happens when the show comes back after the release of their last film X-Files: I Want to Believe. No launch dates have been announced yet but no matter how long the wait is, it’s not going to be soon enough. 

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