Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wallace Grill: No Happy Hour Needed

I was visiting Orlando for the famous comic convention Mega-Con and was invited by the owner Tony Wallace to come over for dinner and it was a pleasure. Now being in Clermont, I was considering passing on the invitation because it was a drive from Orlando but changed my mind when I did my research. I arrived on Friday night and I have to admit that parking was a bit of an issue but I didn’t mind the walk. I arrived sometime between 9:00 p.m. and 10 o’clock, it turned out to be perfect timing because it wasn’t busy yet. Once I got in I fell in love with the pub like atmosphere.  

It looked like something out of an old fashion bar you see on the show Cheers or Archie Bunker’s Place. Very welcoming setting that isn’t clustered with too many televisions or any form of distractions that keep people from talking to one another. Mirrors in the back of the bar reflecting on the numerous amounts of alcohol they had with a classic brick layer setting. The light setting was perfect because it wasn’t too bright or dim. It was almost like candlelight only without the candles.  

The bartenders were friendly and had a great sense of humor. I noticed throughout the night how they were taking the time to get to know the patrons while they served drinks and cracked jokes about what’s going on. Very knowledgeable on what they were doing, they made excellent screwdrivers if you like to keep it simple like me. I didn’t order much for food considering I ate at Mega-Con but I ordered a batch of wings and French fries because that’s usually a popular at any bar. Both were good, can’t complain at all with the food.

The music was great, orchestrated by a DJ that played mostly popular music. When it got late in the evening is when people really got up to start dancing and getting in a good mood. Overall, I had a great experience visiting the restaurant and I’m glad I took time out to go and give it a review. I recommend a visit anytime if anyone is ever around 794 W Minneola Ave, Clermont FL. I only wish I had arrived on Saturday night considering that’s when they have their Latin Night event but it was ok because it’s a great experience none the less.  

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