Thursday, April 3, 2014

PS4 vs. Xbox One: Who wins?

    I recently bought the Sony Playstation 4 after having the Xbox One for some time now. After analyzing both systems, I've written down notes to compare and decide for myself which system is truly better. Now if you're a PC gamer than go ahead and just move on because I'm pretty sure you're thinking to yourself, "Nothing beats PC." In certain situations, you're right but both these systems have advantages that draw in the gamers depending on their desires. Price is not a factor because if you really think about it, the only reason the Xbox is more is because it comes with the Kinect and Microsoft will be releasing an edition without it so cost is irrelevant.
    The first round I feel has to go to the Playstation 4 for their design. The Playstation 4's design is smaller and thinner than the bulky Xbox One. If you're someone who has the space to spare then this isn't a big deal but there's more to it then space. Both systems store 500 gigabytes while delivering high definition performance and if Sony can deliver it in a much smaller space, why does Microsoft make the Xbox so big. This isn't surprising since Microsoft made the same move with the Xbox 360. Later on, Microsoft made improvements by making the 360 smaller and smaller so why they went back to big, I have no idea.
    Speaking of improvements, I feel that round goes to Microsoft's Xbox One. Anyone whose had the Xbox 360 classic version remembers the "3 Red Rings of Death" well. I've encountered absolutely no problems with the system and that also includes the Kinect system. The Kinect is more accurate with the movements and recognizing the human control. Even with these improvements however, the strongest performance still goes to the PS4.
    The one thing that pisses me off a little is the fact that when you put in a new game, you have to wait a while for the game to upload into the system. When I uploaded Titanfall it took a good couple of minutes when uploading into the Xbox but when I played Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, it only felt like a couple of seconds. Plus bringing up the issue of storage space, while both offer 500, it's actually less because of data and other stuff that has to be downloaded for the system to work. So really the Xbox One has only about 360 gigs free while the PS4 has 400 free allowing for more games to be used.
    Also with performance comes the uses of other features like Blu-Ray. A big handicap for this Xbox is while Sony has this integrated with their system, the Xbox One has to download a Blu Ray app. Without it, you can't play the disc but it goes beyond more than that. Another handicap is the inability to play 3D Blu rays which is a plus for anyone who has a 3D television. This round delivers a heavy blow to the Xbox One but it recovers in the next round with it's internet access.
    The one reason I felt the PS3 was awesome was the fact that you didn't need a membership to play online with others, that's not the case anymore with the PS4. Don't be scared though by the membership requirement though because you don't have to pay for it to play games by yourself nor watch online content like Netflix. However if you're impatient like me then the Xbox One is better because it will get all the content earlier and I've found its better getting an HD signal from the Xbox One than the PS4. So I'm willing to pay more for better quality so the Xbox One wins this round.
    I know the commercials say free games every month but in reality, their just games either you've beaten already or indies trying to make a name for themselves so this does nothing for me. For those developers making the Indie games, I wish you all the luck in the world coming from someone else who is following their passion. The Internet access is one of the main factors on whether a game console will succeed or not but another is features. What is it about a game console that not only draws gamers but makes it superior to it's predecessor. In that regard, Xbox One wins with it's key feature, voice activation.
    The voice activation feature is to gamers what the remote control was to couch potatoes for their televisions and is the reason Xbox One has something more to offer. The PS4's only method of control is their controller which made an improvement by adding a touch pad but I find it ultimately irrelevant. Speaking of controllers, the Xbox One controller is a vast improvement from the Xbox 360 controller. The reason I say that is because on the 360 controller, I felt like I spent more time charging it than actually playing with it but the Xbox One controller is the opposite.
    Graphics go to Microsoft judging from what I've seen in games like Injustice, Forza, Titanfall, and Call of Duty: Ghosts. The PS4 fights back with it's update capability, by that I mean the ability to update while you're playing the game or watching a movie. Plus I find the multiplayer experience a lot more smooth on the PS4 than the Xbox One and the party chat on the PS4 is a lot less confusing. It only asks who do you want seeing your stuff and that's it. The PS4 comes with a Passcode feature that also prohibits anyone from using your profile, a useful feature for gamers who are always afraid someone is going to rob them for their system.
    Taking everything into account, I have to be honest and say that I feel that both systems are awesome but the PS4 slightly wins because of the features I like. Those features being quick uploading, more free space, non-interrupting gameplay, and access to 3D content. Microsoft still dominates as far as graphic quality and internet capabilites but overall, it still lacking in certain applications. There is a clear reason that the PS4 is winning in sales over the Xbox One, while price is a factor, I feel I get more out of the PS4 than I do the Xbox One right now. PS4 wins but not by much so don't be nervous about getting an Xbox One because both systems are fantastic but it ultimately comes down to what you want in your system.

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