Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pennsylvania School Stabbing. What We Know and What This Means

    For those that haven't been following, there was a massive school stabbing in a school in Pennsylvania. Over 20 students were stabbed and one adult, most of them will be okay and return home soon after sustaining wounds but some will be remaining in the hospital needing more surgeries. The knife wielding maniac that tried to kill everyone is 16 year old Alex Hribal who brought 2 kitchen knives with him to school and now is going to be charged as an adult for his crimes. Many of his classmates describe him as a quiet kid who always kept to himself and never caused any kind of trouble. The summary of everyone's testimony is "nobody understands what caused this."
    Many people are jumping on this subject already. People who believe that schools aren't secure enough and more money is needed by taxpayers to up the security. People who believe that prayer is needed back in the schools because students have lost their way. Now the people who are for guns are using this as an example that gun control isn't the problem with violence in schools. I have a solution, instead of jumping on the issues, let's get all the facts and give the victims time to move on before we come to conclusions.
    More work is going to be needed before everything becomes clear because right now, everything is merely speculation at this point. While his family claims to be a strong household, there's still holes in everyone's story. The question now is what happens now that Alex Hribal is going to be charged as an adult? Well Alex Hribal is facing multiple accounts of assualt with a deadly weapon, one count of bringing a weapon on school property and 4 counts of attempted homicide. Odds are he'll spend the rest of his life in prison because of the number of counts against him alone.
    Alex Hribal could get a life sentence alone on the 4 attempted murder charges and assault with a deadly weapon carries a sentence of 1-5 years and this boy has 21 charges against him. I'm sure Hribal's lawyer will enter a plea of not guilty by reason of mental defect but fact is, there's no clear defense. When there's eye witnesses and most of them being the victims, Alex's case will be thrown out the window even with the fact that he went insane. Luckily nobody lost their life in this attack which we can all be grateful for but this event will bring back the questions we ask ourselves about safety in schools.
    Are schools across America safe and will they ever be safe? Should we invest more tax payers money in school security? These are questions we should ask later on when everything is investigated and we know all the facts. Right now, let's get the victims home where they belong and not on a hospital bed. I'm sure people will use this to say guns aren't the problem, people are the problem and I like to personally say I agree. However this is not about gun control or school security right now, it's about getting things back to normal and understanding why this happened.

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