Friday, April 4, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review (No Spoilers)

    As much as it pains me to say it as a DC Comics fan, Marvel knows how to do their movies right. I went to the midnight release of the new picture, Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I left the theater thinking one thing. How did this become the best sequel I've seen since The Dark Knight? Yes it was that good because for a movie that is 2 and 1/2 hours, everything that went on made it feel like it was only 90 minutes. It's a shame that this movie wasn't released in May because this movie would've been a great start to the summer.
    There is a good understanding though because next month will be the release for the next Spiderman and X-Men movies. Not to mention the awesome looking Godzilla remake in between them. But I digress because this blog is about the return of Marvel's first superhero and in a way, America's first superhero. Unlike DC's first superhero, Superman, Captain America is actually an American who joined the army in WW2 as a frail man but when given a super soldier serum became the ultimate weapon against the Nazis. Because of the success of that comic, Marvel began to roll out it's other heroes as time moved on.
    Now we move forward to the present with this film beginning where Marvel's The Avengers left off with Captain America still working for global law enforcement agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. After a successful mission, the movie shows the captain trying to adjust to life in the present considering he's been frozen for over 70 years. The captain would soon find however that much like any idea, nothing is truly ever dies and that includes the captain's long forgotten enemies... Hydra. For those of you that may not follow, Hydra is an organization created by Captain America's arch-nemesis,  The Red Skull. Even though he was defeated in the last movie, like the saying goes, "Cut off off one head, two more shall rise."
    Hydra has come back and they are using their greatest weapon to take down S.H.I.E.D. and Captain America. Now with the Avengers disbanded and Nick Fury unable to help, the Captain is short of friends until he runs into fellow army man, Sam Wilson. Befriending the captain while doing a morning routine, the two find a special bond and with the help of Black Widow, Sam Wilson gets his hands on a prototype jet pack with wingspan known as "Project Falcon." Now with friends to help, Captain America begins to fight back against Hydra which reveals a dark plan that would cost millions of lives. Just when that amount of pressure is on, the captain has found something about The Winter Soldier that strikes at his very heart.
     Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a non-stop emotional roller coaster and Chris Evan does a great job portraying the fame superhero. The story line I found was well written and the ending completely catches everyone off by surprise. For those of you that may be wondering, there are two different scenes that happen with one during the credits and one after. The first one I believe is a sneak peek for the much anticipated Avenger: Age of Ultron and the second is something that will promote a third installment that Disney currently wants to release on the same date as the Batman vs. Superman movie. While I believe that will be a mistake on their part I can't deny one fact, this movie was fantastic and I anxiously look forward to the third movie.  

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