Sunday, April 2, 2017


I’m tired of this bullshit!

It’s a never ending cycle

because no matter how much I save

something always happens that

makes me waste my savings.

Tires go bad,

I go to the hospital,

computer needs repair,

phone needs repair,

hair needs to be cut,

toenails are ingrown,

loans have to be paid,

taxes go up,

gas goes up,

flu shots,




my girlfriend’s birthday,

car battery died,

cable bills,

oil changes,

health insurance,

life insurance,

dental plan,

did I eat today?

How will I ever save money?

I’ll never know.

I feel like a horse

in medieval times.

I haul shit for miles

only to get a couple of sips

at each end of the trip.

What’s the point of trying to save money?

Just because you have it in case shit happens

doesn’t mean you actually want shit to happen.

I’m going to go out to a bar

where guys go to see skanky girls

and shove 151 right down my throat.

At least this way,

I’ll feel that I’ve accomplished something

that I’ve wanted to do for a while

with my savings.

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