Sunday, April 16, 2017

Doctor Who Arrives to Welcome The Class

Peter Capaldi returns for his confirmed final season as the universe’s favorite doctor with a new companion in Pearl Mackie who plays Bill Potts. Bill Potts is a worker at a university that catches the eye of the doctor and a friendship immediately emerges when a new threat arrives. Her introduction comes off clueless at times, but it’s forgivable considering she’s dealing with extraterrestrial forces and the Doctor must explain everything. The Pilot foreshadows a plot when it’s revealed why the Doctor is at the university and there’s several eggs in the episode that will have people reflecting on the doctor’s past. There was some issue considering Pearl Mackie’s character because she’s gay in the series.

Personally, I think it’s sad but overall, that’s how people feel, so whatever. The only problem I had with her again is she’s clueless. Probably the most clueless out of all the new generation of the Doctor’s companions but it’s forgivable. Bill Potts comes off as a good-hearted individual who makes the most out of life with what she has. Being without a mother, she sees the doctor as the one figure in her life that she can rely on for guidance. It was a good first episode for her and it’ll be interesting to see how she’s connected to the season in the same way most of the doctor’s companions are.  

The episode was moderate at best considering the roller coaster ride that season nine was. After losing Clara Oswald, it was clear that Peter Capaldi’s reign as the Doctor would soon come to an end as he enters his third season. It’s normal timing considering famous doctors such as David Tennant and Matt Smith. Don’t know how many of you feel, but Peter Capaldi isn’t one of my favorite doctors but he will be missed. There’s no word on who will replace him as the doctor but we will find out when the doctor regenerates in the Christmas special this year.

Class kicked off last night and I had to watch it twice because I didn’t know how to feel about it the first time. It starts off slow with the introduction of the main characters at Coal Hill School which was featured in the first episode of Dr. Who back in the 1960s. The school has been seen in several different seasons since and so this is almost a homage to that. The chemistry between certain characters is strong but some characters feel irrelevant or replaceable. Things get serious when one of the main characters reveal his origin and why a mysterious creature is hunting him and his “protector.”

The main villain comes off strong which saves the show and the Doctor makes a special appearance which was nice. By the end of the first episode, it’s clear where the series will go if it continues production. Class is a 50/50 considering how much of a fan you are, but I’m willing to give it a few more episodes. The only thing that could hurt it is if it relied too much on the doctor’s presence in the series. So far, Class gets a grade of C but the season is far from over and there’s time to improve.

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