Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dedicated to all the Another Ones

Another Someone


Anthony Labson

Everyone has a job to do

but someone doesn’t care.

So someone gets lazy

and another one has to do it.

Somebody says a thing to someone.

Trying so hard, just to get someone to do their job.

But Somebody has done everything that can be thought of.

But someone is unwilling to get involved.

Another one keeps picking up the slack,

hoping that it will lead to advancements.

But the commitment turns to handicapped.

Another one becomes too valuable to lose.

Instead of another one getting what they deserve,

they are crippled by the actions of someone.

Somebody won’t make their job worse

by losing another one and be left with someone.

Another one is getting tired of dealing with someone.

Someone ignores another one’s frustration.

Someone keeps doing the same routine

and another one has had enough.

So another one leaves with

hopes that someone will finish for once.

But someone remains lazy and useless

and Somebody just gets frustrated.

Instead of just getting rid of someone,

Somebody lost another one.

Now Somebody has nightmares of what happens

if Somebody hires another someone.

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