Monday, March 20, 2017

Iron Fist Punches Ticket

Netflix and Marvel recently released the last series before the release of The Defenders this week with their final Defender in Iron Fist. Here’s the rundown for those that may have no idea of what I’m talking about. Marvel made a deal with Netflix to create a series first with one of their most popular character, Daredevil. The success of that series gave the go ahead to start production on the creation of some of Daredevil’s allies who eventually team up with him to create the team. It started from the dark and depressing world of Jessica Jones, to the violent and crude world of Luke Cage, and the mystical world of Iron Fist closes all introduction.

Iron Fist is about a rich billionaire by the name of Danny Rand who re-emerges after 15 years of being declared dead by some of his closest friends. When he arrives, Danny comes off as being a clueless and na├»ve individual except when it comes to fighting. He’s eventually committed after revealing to several people that he was raised by a certain order dedicated to destroying their sworn enemy, The Hand. The way Danny fights them is through mastering a form of Kung Fu that allows him to channel his Chi and make his hand indestructible.

Danny, played by Finn Jones is immediately thrown into a world of chaos and his only friend in the fight is a beautiful young woman who teaches self-defense by the name of Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick). Danny’s world only goes into more turmoil when he discovers that the reason behind everything the Hand. Danny fights tooth and nail to find all the answers from his past so he can continue forward as the legendary protector. The season does answer a lot of those question but it ends in a way that leaves a lot more questions to be asked later. This hero is probably my third favorite of the four with Jessica Jones last, Luck Cage second and Daredevil first.

Iron Fist was slow in the beginning but it all starts to pick up in the third episode and the fight scenes are well choreographed. I didn’t read the comics; so I don’t know how accurate it was to them but from what I’ve seen in certain shows that the character appears, Danny in the show is completely different. Maybe it’s due to the fact that he’s still becoming the Iron Fist but the character is known to be wise and seems to always know how to proceed but he’s been clueless and just rushing into any fight to get answers. There’s good twists in the show that keeps things interesting but some issues were too repetitive and kept dragging on too long. The choice for the main villain was great in David Wenham (300) who plays a very cold and calculating father.

Iron Fist almost shows a resemblance to Batman Begins when it comes to how Danny Rand became the Iron Fist. Two wealthy billionaires who come back from the dead to save a city that is littered with bad people and the good people too scared to do anything about it. The exception is Danny Rand found his way by accident while Bruce Wayne went looking for his special training. I give this season a 7 out of 10 because it’s slow and repetitive, but also the story can be confusing for people with no knowledge of the character. Iron Fist is a great end to the introductions of the characters and now everyone is ready for The Defenders.

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