Saturday, June 27, 2015

Wisdom from a Muse

Wisdom from a Muse


Anthony Labson

Tell her about her hair.

The way she waves it

As she turns her head

And looks at you with her eyes.

The way she uses them

To burn a hole through your heart

and tell her how there’s only one way

to get it started.

To feel the touch of her lips.

So full and luscious

And the thought of them touching your skin

sends a paralyzing chill up your spine.  

A spine you would use to defend her

even if it cost you your own life.

Never allowing it to break in half

even if it was the weight of the world,

the world that is nothing without her.

The only reason that you live

Is because you know she’ll be there

and seeing her by your side

makes the world a jewel in the universe.

Oh wait a minute,

You’re just in the friend zone?

Move on and find someone else.

These words are too good for her.

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