Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Business is Booming for Jurassic World

Congratulations to the 4th installment of the Jurassic Park franchise Jurassic World earning over 200 million dollars domestically here in the U.S. and over 300 million world-wide. It’s been the biggest opening for the franchise since the release of Jurassic Park back in 1993. Another reason to congratulate the franchise is because from the film is just as good as the first one with a fresh batch of brand new characters that separate this film from the first. While the other films have relied on former stars returning to give it appeal, this next installment features a new line-up of fresh faces. The professional and comical experience of Chris Pratt who is hot off the release of his last film Guardians of the Galaxy, Bryce Dallas Howard from The Help and Vincent D’Onofrio of Daredevil and Law and Order: Criminal Intent.

This film is set after the events after the first two films and before the third film, so it’s a prequel is a sense to what happened on the island of Isla Nublar before it went to hell. With the Jurassic franchise now under new ownership, Jurassic world has become a massive amusement park with a population of 22,000 visitors. When revenues start to decline, Claire (Howard) comes to the realization that the answer to bringing people back is a new attraction. So plans are set to create a new dinosaur that is genetically modified to be bigger and scarier, in other words more deadly. In the end they created the gigantic Indominus Rex.

Of course keeping with the same plot of the series, when mankind thinks that we have control over creatures and nature, we’re reminded of how small we are. Raptor trainer Owen (Pratt) is called in to give advice on the dinosaur and of course he’s already against it when he hears it’s genetically modified. When it escapes, efforts are made to stop the creature but it becomes clear that this isn’t a mere dinosaur. With the Indominus Rex still on the loose and the island on high alert, Owen is asked by Claire to help find her nephews who are lost in the park. With the dinosaur loose, the company repeatedly continues attempts to stop the creature but eventually fail and it leads to dinosaurs wreaking havoc on the park.

In the background, Hoskins (D’Onofrio) works to take advantage of the situation and show how dinosaurs can be used as weapons instead of tourist attractions. So he develops a plan to use the raptors to hunt down the Indominus Rex and while Owen is against the idea, he cares too much for his raptors to let them go alone. As the hunt continues, secrets are revealed that prove that there are times when even human beings can be more dangerous than the dinosaurs they created. This film was a fantastic roller coaster ride that carried brought in a lot of memorable items from the first movie. Items such as the cartoon “Mr. DNA,” the classic shirts, Jurassic Park Jeeps, and the night vision goggles.

For a franchise that’s over 20 years old, this was a much needed fresh start and it’s no surprise that a sequel has already been announced. There was plenty of comedy and action that kept people entertained and a welcomed applause when a certain dinosaur finally came out into the movie. If you’re looking for a good summer movie then this would have to be it because quite frankly, most people the franchise was dead after the third film. So this movie needed to be good in order to save it and not only did it save the franchise but reignited people’s interest in dinosaurs. Really looking forward to this sequel as I give this film a 9 out of 10 solely because it’s using an old message but with a new story and fresh characters.

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