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Final Orders

To everyone in the Restricted Zones,

My name is Commander Conner Bradley, former commander of the former real United States Army and this is the last letter that I’m going to make before I die. Copies will be made for every loyal man within the Restricted Zones to read so that nothing will be lost in translation and all rumors shall be laid to rest. I dedicated my life to protecting my country and I would’ve died for it, even to this day no matter how corrupt it is. When I was growing up, all I wanted to be was a protector and save lives because frankly that is the greatest honor anyone can have in his or her life. Now things aren’t as they were back when America was whole. Before the country was split in two between the rebs or rebels and the conformists or cons, before President Frank Mason.

The year 2088 was a desperate time, enemies were everywhere from Mexico to Australia now that everyone had a nuclear weapon at their disposal. The value of the American dollar wasn’t worth the paper that it was being printed on and a majority of people were fighting to stay alive while a certain few suffered little pain. That’s when Frank Mason, a senator from North Carolina rose at the perfect time and everything started to turn around. But like the rise of most dictators, he rose when people were so desperate for the bubble to be repaired, they were willing to sacrifice everything without thought or consequence. This hurts me to say because I was one of those mindless drones willing to fall if he told me to lay down.

I had been a one-star general and saw the fires surrounding my country and the only thing I wanted to do was save it. Frank Mason told me of his plans and how at the end of his two terms that he was going to do the one thing that would change everything. He succeeded, somehow the money started to circulate again and raise in value, other enemies started to become neutral or allies, and the majority who had suffered started to prosper again.

Job unemployment was at an all-time low, virtually everyone had a roof over their heads, and threats against our nation were disappearing at an incredible rate. For a short time, it was seen as a miracle and people believed that he was going to replace Lincoln as the greatest president in history. But eventually the smoke and mirrors can only hide the illusion for so long.

Clear Skies Defense Corporation. Absorbing all weapons manufacturing companies became the military’s greatest ally until it became the military in general. All military personnel, equipment and actions became the direct responsibility of the company’s owner, Peter Wesson. While it was alarming at first, thing did get better for the soldiers and the country was improving and so I stayed loyal to my oath. It would only be the first of many offenses the ‘savior’ of our country would commit and ultimately lead to what we know as The Great Division.

The one accomplishment that President Mason wouldn’t take credit for when our country was divided down the middle. Especially after he committed the greatest act of treason in my opinion and something we all should be ashamed we let happen. Despite all of his accomplishments, he still guaranteed to do something that would change everything and near the end of his second term, he succeeded.

During an emergency state of the union address, he literally shredded the constitution live on television for the entire nation to see. He spoke of how the old ways don’t work anymore and clinging on to them is what got us in such a desperate state in the first place. He spoke of how the nation had to evolve in order to survive and that he had a plan that would guarantee our nation’s survival.

I’ve lost many soldiers under my command and on that day, I wish I could join them after seeing everything that I lived for shredded apart in a mere few seconds. The balance failed to stop the check, the house and senate just rolled over and let him do what he wanted, even dropping the amendment that would deny him a third term. An election that people knew was fixed, never in American history has a president won an election with a 2 percent popularity vote.

I wanted to stage a coup d’├ętat but with law enforcement and military being monitored as they are these days, it would’ve been impossible to do anything in secret. It would surly have meant my discharge and my death along with several other commanders who felt shared my rage. How things got so bad, only the former politicians who are still alive know.

The ones who were there when he made the announcement that he was dissolving the house but keeping the Senate just to show that he cared about the voices of the people. President Frank Mason cares so much that he removed all power so now the Senate is just a play for the masses to see. Putting on a good show but in the end, proving to be useless at because the president still had opposition. Those who were brave enough, the first opposition started to protest openly even though they didn’t have the requirements and for the first time, the president got nervous.

He made the call to order all the soldiers back home and close the bases all over the world but not to join their families but to suppress the very opposition. That was the scar that I couldn’t bear, so I went to the generals that I know that I could trust and right then and there, I took off the uniforms given to us by Clear Skies and threw it down on the floor. I wasn’t a protector of the nation that I once loved, the suit that I wore when I was just a soldier was defiled and the country I grew up in was gone.

This was my belief and the belief of the other generals so they joined in and we dawned real uniforms once again. Then I took my personal Old Glory flag and it was placed over them, covering the filth that we had worn for years. April 27th 2095 would be the year that a new rebellion was born but it we made a critical error.

We underestimated how people felt about the new regime, a majority of the population believed in the president. Even with all flag being prohibited including Old Glory, the rights being restricted, and the president forming a “cabinet” comprised of the richest people in America now that they owned the military, banks, media, oil, and medicine.

I was hoping that with all the military put together, we could force the president out of power even but my worst fears arose in the form of General Thomas Cooper, a Lieutenant back then informed the president of our conspiracy. Now he stands as the commander of what we call the Union army created by Clear Skies Defenses. Thankfully soldiers loyal to us were able to keep us out of prison long enough to form a new army that the Union media labelled us as rebels.

Using the media’s own fire, we decided to build on that and in time we accomplished building a formidable army. The other generals and I were able to unite you all in the best way we could by forming the American Rebel Army or A.R.A. but in the end, another reality would keep us from full scale war. Now that President Mason saw a legitimate threat to the nation and the country scared of a new Civil War, a compromise was offered to which both sides agreed to meet to discuss the terms.
An offer that the other generals and I knew we couldn’t turn down. Certain states would be known as the Restricted Zones to everyone who is a conformist as we call them. Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota would be ours to do with as we wanted.

Anyone that didn’t want anything to do with President Mason or the new United States had to be registered as an uncompliant. Trade would still be established with our states providing natural resources as long as the Union provided us with oil and other supplies. The United States would still be considered “United” but like everything else with President Mason, it’s all for show hiding nothing by lies and deception. We were skeptical but after carefully looking over the treaty, we knew it was a legit offer and the only way for peace. At first we wanted to deny it but after a moment, we gave it consideration.

The last Civil War cost too many American lives and we all being seasoned warriors; we couldn’t deal with anymore loss. Furthermore, we spent our lives protecting this nation, even with how bad it’s gotten, we couldn’t be the instrument of tearing it apart.  This was the cause of why we signed the segregation treaty on the eve of the new century that granted us the peace we’ve been enjoying… for now. As I lay here dying in Topeka, Kansas, our own national capital, this fellow soldier writes down my final words. Those words are about how much I’m sorry. I’m sorry for so much and I feel terrible that you all are the ones who will have to deal with this now.

We didn’t fight back at the right time and we didn’t go to the war that deep down, I feel is going to come. I only hope that you all can understand our motives and why we did, what we did. I like it on the record that I nominate Commander Debra Guillen as my replacement on the military council. She has always been a great leader and I know she will fulfill my position with the same fortitude as I did.

To everyone in the Restricted Zones, heed my words and stay vigilante, believe in our government based off the old ways.The Senate and House of Representatives in South Dakota that still serves as the voice of the people. The military council of the A.R.A. that protect our land and finally, please don’t lose faith in our country. I never believed in much but I did believe in the eternal pride of American patriotism and its ability to persevere even through the worst of times. May God bless and watch over you all.


Commander Conner Bradley
August 15th 2109

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