Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Dark Tenor: Symphony of Light

I don’t normally critique music but I recently came across an album that I thought was fantastic and wanted to share. The name of the album is Symphony of Light by The Dark Tenor which is available now. I bought it off after I saw him perform the Ukrainian and United Kingdom national anthems at a Klitschko/Fury. I was immediately struck by the performers signature dark mask and his band of musicians that wore similar attire. It was more operatic than anything else but once the music started, he had my full attention.

After hearing what a fantastic voice he had, I looked up the album and was immediately hooked after hearing the song River Flows on the Edge. Some albums are known to have its weak parts but that’s not the case with this album. Virtually every song keeps the listener wanted more, even the songs that aren’t in English. Not much is known about him because he’s still virtually new but he has a strong following on social media and is currently popular in Europe. Here is the run down on the performer and the album.

The Dark Tenor is a German performer but the album is in English for the most part and is sung extraordinarily well. The music itself is sort of a classical-modern age crossover with music from a wide range of well-known melodies. For a performer who wears a black mask and calls himself dark, the album is rich with emotion and religion. With a whole band of musicians behind him, the album delivers an uplifting experience for the listener from start to finish. Other songs that should be mentioned are Haunted Hearts, The Hunger, Heart of Gold and Miserere.

River Flows on the Edge is my personal favorite and is about a welcoming transition into the next phase of existence. Haunted Hearts comes in second by telling the story of someone who has the worst pain possible after carrying nothing but regret. The Hunger is the third describing the ambition of the performer that is not only personal but universal as well. If none of these three spark your interests, then this album isn’t for you. There are plenty of sites that can introduce you to samples of the album.

His work can be found on Youtube and other platforms where you can hear music, it’s well worth your time.  Right now he’s currently performing only in Europe but if a tour ever comes through the United States, then make sure you get a ticket because I know that I am. The Dark Tenor has a fantastic voice and this album ranks as one of my favorite albums of this year. I listen to a wide range of music from Dragonforce and Alicia Keys to Disturbed and Luke Bryan so to some, my ear may not be as tuned as others. This has been my opinion on the album and it’s a positive one, Symphony of Light is well worth your time and money.

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