Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Charlie Sheen

This morning on Today, Charlie Sheen revealed today that he is in fact HIV positive which has blown up social media. Some believe that this isn’t really a surprise but more of a punishment for his wild lifestyle that he’s lived for decades. The decades of doing drugs, sleeping with prostitutes and porn stars, etc. Others believe it was just something that was bound to happen but either way it’s an unfortunate event in the life of the former Two and Half Men star. Charlie Sheen has been no stranger to the public eye for his antics but now seems to be the time that he’s chosen to take a step back and reconsider what’s been going on with his life.

The first time I laid eyes on Charlie Sheen was when I saw him in the Hot Shots films, unaware of his lineage and the long history of the actor on and off the television. Starting out in such films such as Red Dawn, Charlie Sheen soon rose after staring in classics like Platoon, Major League, and Wall Street but in doing so shined spot life on his personal life. Unlike the rest of his family and many other celebrities; it became no secret that Charlie was a party boy and the black sheep of the family. Living a rock star kind of life of drug induced partying and spending time with call girls. Besides the drug addictions and prostitutes, Charlie Sheen has been seen with numerous porn stars in the past such as Ginger Lynn, Heather Hunter and recently Bree Olson.

While his father Martin Sheen and brother Emilio Estevez kept their life out of the public spotlight, Charlie practically launched flares attracting all the cameras. Charlie would eventually take a break and star in television which lead to one of his prized roles as Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men. His public life would also take a break by moving on to marry actress Denis Richards who is mother to their two children. Charlie has fathered five children in total and has a grandchild from his first child, Cassandra. Things were going good but eventually all the years of his rock star life would catch up to him and due damage on his health both physical and mental.

Sheen had been in and out of rehab several times and suffered a stroke in 1998 after having a severe drug overdose involving cocaine. He’s been in court hearings for several offenses between drug, civil, and marital abuses. Then came the infamous meltdown during run with Two and a Half Men that caused him to be fired from show and sent him down a vortex of madness. He would try to do a one man show that nobody really went too even when they had free tickets. Now we come here to the present and Charlie Sheen is in the spotlight for arguably the most serious moment of his life.

I don’t think it’s fair that people are already assuming that he has one foot in the grave already but the fact is Charlie Sheen is in more trouble than he’s ever been. This isn’t something that he can just throw money at and it will go away like so many of his problems. Charlie Sheen has now become another celebrity affected by this disease like Magic Johnson, Rock Hudson and Freddie Mercury. Now his whole life style will have to change so he can be around for his family and his fans and now it’s non-negotiable. I like to offer my best wishes to the celebrity and hope that he uses this event to his advantage for the better.

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