Saturday, October 10, 2015

New Flash meets Green

The Flash and Arrow returned this weekend with much anticipation for the speedster’s second season and the archer’s fourth. Both started off in similar fashion with the seasons beginning months after the actions of their finales. Both shows have been advertising big returns and special appearances for weeks now and so far there hasn’t been any disappointments. The last season of Arrow left people with an “ehh” feeling and the cliffhanger of The Flash left people wanting the second season to hurry up. Now they're back and this is what's happening so far and what we know.
Quick follow up, Arrow ended with Oliver leaving the city with Felicity to start a new life while leaving his sister Thea and friends behind to care for the city. The season kicked off with the now retired Oliver Queen who is brought back due to overwhelming factions crippling the newly renovated Star City. A faction dedicated to the destruction of the city solely for the purpose of rebuilding it in the image of their leader. The only thing more dangerous than this faction is Oliver’s inner struggle to resist his desire to become what he feels he must be in order to protect the city and build bridges he burned in the last season. There is also the famous flashbacks that Oliver has that further explain how he acquired all of his skills and knowledge of warfare.

It was a welcomed sight when you see how all the characters have progressed especially with Thea assuming her role as Red Arrow or Speedy while fighting her own demons. The newest addition to the show is Neal McDonough who plays the antagonist Damien Darhk. A character introduced in the last season who has a more anarchist attitude and a methodical plan for the destruction of Star City. The show gives off a familiar excitement that was somewhat lacking in the previous season with the foreshadowing element introduced at the end of the premiere. It was a strong return for Arrow that made up for the weak ending of season three while The Flash kicked off in very morbid fashion.

Another quick follow up, The Flash found out who killed his mother and disrupted time in order to save her but instead chose to leave it alone and it created a black hole over Central City. The show starts off with Barry Allen alone and fighting crime on his own after the events of the finale and the sacrifices that were made to save Central City. With crime being at an all-time low and life is progressing for everyone else, Barry seems to be the only one scarred with pain. Pain that is soon amplified with the arrival of a new villain played by former WWE superstar, Edge. When Iris and everyone see that Barry is on a one way ticket to the grave, they struggle to get back into his life before he gets himself killed.

The ending left with Barry finding out about a new enemy that he knows nothing about and is surprised by a gift from an unlikely sender. It started out dark but quickly found its way back to the familiar elements that made this show a hit in its first season. There are more surprises coming along the way and coming from a wrestling fan’s point of view, it was great to see Edge back on the screen. It’s obvious from both shows that we’ll be seeing another team up sometime in the near future and there will be arrivals of beloved heroes and villains along the way. All leading up to CW’s next DC adaption Legends of Tomorrow, it’s clear that this is going to be a long season and both had a great send off.

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