Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Staying Positive

Give me a mop and floor cleaner.
Then leave after showing me a dirty floor.
I’ll pretend it’s a guitar and I’m a singer
while I’m performing a much desired encore.

Throw out your boxes and your trash.
I will take it and make it my treasure.
I should thank you for wasting cash
because taking free stuff is always a pleasure.

Take away my house,
I’ll only be rid of another bill.
The only thing I’ll feel sorry for is the mouse
and I’m not afraid of the winter chill.

So I can’t afford fancy dinners and expensive dates.
Spending money doesn’t define my character.
Women who only date for money, I hate
and they should all be thrown in a wood chipper.

I may live a life that others may pity
but I pity you in the long run.
I am use to having nothing and being happy
while you need everything or reach for a gun.

My life isn’t blessed or easy
but there’s no reason for the easy way out.
I’m happy with being alive and healthy
and I hope one day you’ll figure that out.

Excerpt from Faces of the Masses. Available now in print or on Amazon Kindle.

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