Friday, September 19, 2014

Dedicated to Someone Special

The Exotic Pink Key
Anthony Labson

I saw a pink key and couldn't look away.
When my eyes gazed upon it for the first time
I became speechless, and that’s saying a lot.
My mouth dropped and my head became so light
that if I got poked with a needle, my head would explode.

I had never seen such an exotic design before,
the one responsible must’ve had divine influence
or was simple the best artist that ever lived.
This was a key that can’t be duplicated, not even
a picture of it does it justice.

I had to ask myself one important question and
that was to what lock must it be for I wondered?
Like any master key, it could unlock any door
no matter how many locks it had or how complicated
it seemed to appear, it would’ve been easy.

But that is also its handicap, it shouldn’t be easy
to find the right door it was made for.
This key will have to open multiple doors
before it will find the one that is worthy to belong
to this exotic pink key.

To that door meant for this pink key I will say this.
Be grateful, because never had I’ve seen something so

To the exotic pink key,
thank you for gracing me with
the moments I was in your presence.                            

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